Disaster Recovery (DR)

Virtual Data Replication Software

What is Zerto?

Zerto Virtual Replication

Avoid costly outages by simplifying disaster recovery implementation, management and testing. Installation of the Zerto Virtual Replication software can be completed in under an hour, even for complex applications. By replicating at the hypervisor level, Zerto simplifies replication and recovery into a three-click process.

Why Replicate in the Hypervisor?

pervisor-Based Replication

Discover the technology that changed business continuity and disaster recovery in virtualized environments, allowing customers to fully realize the benefits of virtualization. Replication in the hypervisor, as opposed to storage and LUN-based solutions, allows for greater flexibility, control and cost savings when managing mission-critical


Supported Platforms:

Replication for VMware vSphere

Protect mission-critical applications in a VMware environment without compromising any of the functionality of a high-end replication solution. Zerto Virtual Replication for VMware’s vSphere enables automated data recovery, failover and failback including orchestration of all replication functions, for a single VM, multiple applications, or entire data centers.


Replication for Microsoft Hyper-V

Replicate applications, servers, & more in Microsoft Hyper-V environments, or from VMware vSphere to Microsoft Hyper-V infrastructure. Mix virtualization technologies with ease, using Zerto Virtual Replication’s revolutionary capability to automatically convert Hyper-V VMs to VMware and VMware VMs to Hyper-V on the fly.


Replication to Amazon Web Services

Simplify the movement and protection of virtualized applications to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Define step one of a strategy for embracing public cloud by easily migrating workloads from VMware environments to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Zerto delivers all of the needed functionality for enterprises to move a single VM or an entire data center to AWS and back.


DR as a Service

Eliminate the costly overhead of a recovery data center and instead recover to one of 200 global Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) who offer Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service powered by Zerto. DRaaS enables businesses of all sizes to protect production applications to a third party cloud or, for those who already have production VMs in the cloud, to use an in-cloud DR solution.


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