Run Anything. Store Everything. Scale Everywhere.

The New Data Center Operating System

Run Anything

Virtual machines and containers sharing the same infrastructure

Store Everything

Distributed, high-performance storage with no additional hardware

Scale Everywhere

Scale out on-demand with any-size x86 servers

Introducing Stratoscale

Stratoscale’s software transforms standard x86 servers into a hyper-converged infrastructure solution combining high-performance storage with efficient cloud services, while supporting both containers and virtualization on the same platform.

Software-Defined Hyper-Convergence

Stratoscale is building the data center software infrastructure of the future, supporting next generation application frameworks. By converging all infrastructure functionality into a single software stack, we provide all of the resources for both virtualized and container workloads.

The data is stored on local disks. We manage capacity for all workloads, with connectivity and networking services provided in a software-defined network. Compute, storage and networking are controlled by a built-in resource management layer and are fully resilient.

The Stratoscale platform can scale from four nodes to entire data centers and it is managed through a single pane of glass, with extensive control enabled through industry-standard APIs. This is True Hyper-Convergence.

Virtual Machines & Containers

Stratoscale is pioneering the concept of Universal Computing. With Stratoscale, applications can co-exist and share the same physical infrastructure, while allowing developers the freedom and flexibility to choose how to package and deploy workloads. By supporting both Virtual Machines and Linux Containers, you no longer need separate, dedicated environments for Docker and VMware apps.

High Performance Storage

Our high-performance, distributed block storage service stripes all I/O across each available storage device (e.g. HDD and Flash-devices) in the rack. By replicating data across multiple nodes, your data is safe and durable even in the event of a disk or server failure. With intelligent caching, frequently accessed data blocks are automatically placed on the lowest latency devices. Stratoscale’s distributed storage solution is built on top of industry-leading ZFS technology.

Resource Management

Stratoscale’s self-optimizing infrastructure provides real-time analysis and reporting of resource usage and availability. This real time information enables automatic balancing of resource consumption across servers and within servers, as well as detecting and preventing resource interference or hot spots. Our algorithms allow for increasingly smarter capacity planning and preemptive workload placement based on continuous workload monitoring and profiling.

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Plug & Play

Stratoscale provides a true plug & play infrastructure stack, dynamically making more resources available to applications as the data center expands.

Our software is automatically distributed to your servers, and everything you need to create a fully virtualized or containerized environment is included.

Integration with existing solutions, such as OpenStack, is accomplished by leveraging our advanced REST APIs. Existing templates, tools and workflows can be reused without any changes.


Our all-software solution is built around the principle of BYOH – Bring Your Own Hardware. We don’t define the server or storage hardware that you use.

We allow organizations to work with their favorite hardware vendors ─ selecting the servers, networking and flash memory that makes sense for them.

Stratoscale seamlessly integrates all of these components into a modern, rack-scale architecture.

Software Driven

Stratoscale gives developers full control over the resources available to them and how their applications are run. Our platform is software defined and API driven, making it simple to access and manage. All functions are accessible through REST APIs and are compatible with OpenStack, Docker and vCenter. The result is infrastructure that is fully automated and controllable, through orchestration software or directly by developers.

Developer Friendly

With Stratoscale, developers have full control over the infrastructure used by their applications. Using a rich API layer, developers have the ability to programmatically determine all aspects of how the infrastructure layers run their software. Application deployment into the cloud is also simpler and more scalable with Stratoscale’s system, which supports AWS commands, Docker and OpenStack APIs.

Open Platform

Stratoscale is a proud member and supporter of the Open Source community. Some of the components we leverage in our solution include Linux, OpenStack, Docker, KVM, ZFS and Consul. We are committed to an open environment, fully extensible APIs and a wide range of management interfaces. At Stratoscale, we have contributed to the Open Source community many of the tools that we developed for building our own hyper-converged software stack.

Single Pane of Glass

Single Pane of Glass Stratoscale’s solution is managed through an elegant, minimalistic and responsive user interface that allows you to easily deploy and control all resources running on virtual machines or containers. The user interface is complemented by advanced API and REST-based programmatic interfaces for integrated data center management and integration with other systems.

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